How do you get these infections?

  • Unprotected sex (without condoms)
  • Skin to skin contact
  • Not using of condoms properly
  • Sharing sex toys
  • Touching / kissing infected genitals or areas
  • You can be infected anywhere: anus, vagina, penis, eyes, nose, mouth, throat by contact with infected semen (cum), vaginal / anal mucus, bloods.

How else?

You don't just get these infections by sexual activities. Other causes include:

  • Intravenous drug use / sharing of equipment
  • Blood transfusions (rare in this country)
  • Mother to child
  • Biting - breaking skin (by an infected person)
  • Needle injuries (accidentally pricking yourself with a used needle from someone else with an infection).

Preventing an STI is fairly simple:

  • Condoms will protect from pregnancy and most STIs - when used right! So register with the C-Card scheme today!
  • Reduce the amount of partners you are having sex with
  • Have regular sexual health checks
  • Don't share drug equipment
  • Keep using condoms if you havent had an STI check, even if you are using other forms of contraception (if you are heterosexual or bisexual) .

You can find out more informaiton from the NHS Choices website.