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It can be a very confusing time for young people and adults when it comes to how our bodies work; or making sense of the sexual images on your TV, in advertisements, on the internet with the easy access to pornography.

So making your mind up on your own likes and dislikes on how to please yourself sexually while on your own (masturbation or solo sex), or pleasing both yourself or your partner, and how it all works, can be confusing and daunting.

If you have your parent/carer or a trusted adult, nurse or professional to talk to is a great start.

Here are some links that can be useful if you do not have a trusted friend or adult to talk to, and are aimed at young people:

All aspects of sex, love, you, bodies, and porn for the over 14's can be found at:

Sex, contraception, STIs, relationships, sexuality, pregnancy, gender etc... gives you frank written descriptions and on these and lots of wellbeing topics:

This website answers questions on the body, fun with less risk, pregnancy, STI and what happens when sex goes wrong and lots more: