Healthy relationships

What is a healthy friendship or relationship?

Friendships and relationships are both built on having some common interests and feelings, and built around respect and trust in your friend or partner.

Intimate relationships built on these feelings, shared interests and emotions, and can be short term or long term, casual or dating or serious, sexual or non-sexual. As long as you both have a trust and respect with each other, and have a good communication with your partner, then we hope that your intimate relationship makes you both feel physically and emotionally happy.

If you decide to become sexual or intimate with your partner for the first time, try not to rush your decision, as the first time at having sex, or you are having sex with a new partner for the first time, should be a positive and pleasurable experience for both of you. If you have good communication with each other, you can also talk about keeping yourselves safe from STIs, or if you are heterosexual (male and female), from becoming pregnant.

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