Types of condoms

Here we have listed all of the condoms you can get via the C-Card scheme in Bath and North East Somerset. We have asked young people what type of condoms you would like, and we now offer the following:

Regular: these are a regular fitting condom that is flared at the top for comfort and feeling

Trim: a tighter fitting condom for a closer fit

Flavoured: Strawberry crush; blueberry blast; chocolate temptation, mint tingle.

Ribs and dots: a ribbed and dotted condom

Large; these are longer and wider condoms for greater comfort

Extra safe: if you are having long periods of sex, anal sex or you feel that you just want extra protection, then extra safe condoms are a good idea!

Latex free: a super thin latex free condom (for persons with a latex allergy)

Female condoms or Femidom: a condom that a woman fits into the vagina prior to having penetrative sex.

Lubricants: the C-Card scheme offers a gentle light water soluble lubricant with every condom pack

Dams: Latex dams come in four flavours, and is used to cover genital areas during oral sex.