Some facts about using condoms

Here are some more reasons why you should use condoms, and these are facts that are not always talked about:

Slippery Sex is safer sex. Water based lubricants can make sex safer as it reduces friction on the condom and is much more pleasurable too.

Condoms can be fun! There are many types of condoms that come in different colours, patterns, flavours and some even glow in the dark. With climax control, menthol and warming condoms, they can add that extra bit of sensation, or make sure that things aren’t too sensitive. Just make sure your condom has the CE or kite mark to ensure quality.

Gel-charging: Placing a small amount of lube in the teat of the condom can make condoms feel more natural and enhance sensation.

The 30 minute rule: If you have sex for over 30 minutes, you should really change your condom (replace it, don’t use two at a time) as it may break due to the amount of friction.

Using condoms can decrease your worry about getting an infection or getting pregnant, which can in turn make your sex more relaxed and satisfying.

Condoms are also a great chance to add variety to your sex life and to build trust and intimacy with your partner by talking about each other’s desires.